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    How do I successfully merge MXF and DV files in a sequence?

    nadine1954 Level 1

      I have a Panasonic with a P2 card (and DV film).  I have a reader.  I have successfully transferred all the files to my computer, and imported them into PP6, no problem.  My only issue is this: if I want to consolidate the MXF files with the camera's film (DV) files in the same sequence, I have issues.


        If I make the sequence compatible for the MXF, the DV files are small-in-a-box size.  If I make the sequence NTSC DV, the DV's are great, but the MXF frames are over the top huge (we're talking nose hairs and cropped head tops)  I've played around a bit with some formats, but I keep getting the same problem.


      I'm betting there's one in here that somebody already figured out that works for both file types in a sequence.  Or...is it during export that the change might happen?  Really would like to be able to use both media types in one sequence if possible.  Is it?  If I'm going to need to convert the files to say, .mov, am I going to lose enough quality to care about, or is that totally counter-productive.  I downloaded a trial version of "Wondershare"  as advertised on the internet as an MXF converter, but I tried it and it didn't seem to be able to work with the audio files (as they are separated in the MXF content folder) 


      Any input, much loved.  (I tried exporting the MXF separately to an .mov and re-importing, but it didn't seem to help).