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    Bitmap font creator (for UTF-8 enconding)?

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      We have a multilangual project, where all textes are stored in XML-files
      with UTF-8 encoding
      Text from XML was read by Director and shown through Flash-objects
      Now we want to display these text, using some bitmap fonts (for examples all
      letters of font are represented as sequence of small letter-pictures, all
      containing in one bitmap castmember + XML description file, contatining
      position of each letter in that bitmap castmember)

      We need a bitmap font creator, that can create such images, representing
      Important is, that this creator should store description file in UTF-8
      encoding, so that we can crate bitmap presentation for german, french,
      spanish etc. special characters. Does any one know about some tool like

      Any other ideas will be very appreciated.

      Thanx in advance,