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    Newbie in need of help CENTER_CONTENT

    Paul Hough

      I am working in Enfocus Switch and have a simple command that I need to execute in indesign (java in CS 5.5) I need to center all object inside their rectangle frame. But I dont know how to select an object in indesign and center the content (using Java). here is my best guess;


      >>>   app.activeDocument.activeSpread.fit(FitOptions.CENTER_CONTENT(ALL));   <<<<<<


      I understand I am probably way off, any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!



      Paul Hough


      Edit: I have figured out how to center the content inside of rectangles:




      But, I still dont know how to get a variable with the number of rectangles on a page/doc so I can create a loop.

      Any tips or pointer are appreciated