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    **Mac OS X 10.8.2 failed installation???


      **I didn't find the other questions helpful because whenever the staff would reply it would be to move it to a new forum. Just answer....please in the form of steps.

      **I have a Macbook(not pro/air, it is silver bought in Dec 2008 new)

      **I have recently installed Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and all updates available afterwards

      **Macbook = version 10.8.2

      **Safari = 6.0.2

      **Under Safari>Preferences>Extentions I have none

      **I HAD the latest Adobe Flash Player before Snow Leo and Mt Lion

      **I tried installing the latest verion of Adobe Flash Player...it downloads in the upper right corner of my safari window then leaves(it only takes about a minute), but nothing in my downloads folder, no save option, no "failed download" notification. Nothing else pops up even on my desktop or in finder.

      **I tried doing the uninstall thing but i apparently don't have anything to uninstall to begin with. All your tests show up as not having the right plugin. "blocked plugin" is maybe what it said? don't remember exact words.

      **Going to Safari>Preferences>Security...Enable Plugins, Enable Java and Enable JavaScript are all checked, I even unchecked Block Popup Windows. I even under the Privacy tab said to Never block cookies.

      **Going to 'Apple'>About this Mac it says i have "Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo" and "Memory: 2 BG 1067 MHz DDR3"

      **I'm so confused help me.