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    After Effects crashes on startup


      It gives this message: Last log message was: <140735163416960> <ASL.ResourceUtils.GetLanguageIDFromRegistry> <0> Unable to obtain the User 'Language' registry key at: Software\Adobe\After Effects\10.5\ Defaulting to 'en_US'.


      I have an iMac with OSX 10.8.2, don't know what other info is needed, happy to provide as long as this can be solved...


      It's one of the first times I'm starting it up, I might have opened it before, but have never really used it. But now I do need it.


      Schermafbeelding 2012-11-05 om 13.06.27.png


      EDIT: I've tried deleting my Illustrator scripts, using disk utility's repair disk permissions, deleting Perian... I read it may have to do with video codecs, but I don't have any, I think. Or could it be VLC?