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    Reverting to original RAW image in ACR

    johngie Level 1

      In the past I have almost always used Nikon's Capture NX2 as my RAW editor. In that, it's immediately obvious how to get back to the original NEF camera image, or even choose to go back to different stages in the editing history.


      There seems no obvious way to do this in ACR. For example I made a mistake in a RAW edit, but when I reopened the RAW image again from Bridge I got the edited version with the unwanted error.


      I would appreciate some guidance on this. In an ideal world, I would like ACR to do what Nikon Capture can do.


      I have also just found that, when trying to assign a keyword to this file in Bridge, I got got an "...error writing metadata" message. All the other NEF files in that folder (none of which have yet been edited in ACR) accepted the keywords with no problems.


      Since writing the above, I have found that this "error writing metadata" is a common issue for which there seems no solution - it extends back to earlier versions of Bridge (I have CS6 64-bit with vety latest updates).


      I have deleted the sidecar file for the file in question, but the error remains.


      I cannot help being a little concerned about what ACR actually does to the file. Maybe I'll go back to Capture NX2 (not without its own problems) unless there are some solutions to these issues.

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          charles badland Level 4


          Nothing has changed in your NEF file. ACR never changes the original raw file. Any editing panel in ACR will have a flyout menu (small icon to right of pannel bar) where you can reset to default setting.



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            TerriStone Adobe Employee

            Hi. Because the forum you originally posted in is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I'm moving your question to the Photoshop General Discussion forum.

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              johngie Level 1

              Many thanks Charles - I'd missed that copletely. When I reset that image to Camera Raw Defaults, I was then able to assign a keyword without problems.


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                Bo LeBeau Level 4

                There are several ways to go back/edit history.


                In Bridge, select the photo you edited in ACR. You can see the Edited symbol above the photo upper right.

                Go to Edit menu, Develop Settings, Clear Settings.


                Clear settings.jpg


                In ACR you can also make Snapshots of different times in your editing session.

                Go the Snapshot tab (the rightmost tab) in ACR. Click the New Snapshot icon in the bottom right and name the snapshop. You then can go back to a previous edit by simply clicking its tab. The caveat is that you need to manually add these Snapshots as you go along.


                You can also go back to an earlier edit and Open the Image in Photoshop while still retaining the later edit shapshots in ACR


                Lighroom has a real time history that you can go back to a previous edit. This history is automatic. I'm not sure if the history is retained after the file is closed and then reopened. I tend to think not, but you can also create Snapshots in Lightroom.