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    System requirements for installing Premiere Elements




      I currently use premiere elements 7 on Vista.  I am upgrading my PC; probably windows 7, possibly windows 8.  Not sure if I will continue with PE version 7 or upgrade to 11. 


      Can you tell me what hardware components are the most important to run PE.  Cost is a factor.  I am trying to decide on the Intel I5-3570 vs. I7-3770 vs. upgrading other components, such as going from 8gb ram to 16gb ram, or upgrading the Intel SSD from 180gb to 240gb.


      Thanks, Eric

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder will your video be coming from? AVCHD and most hi-def MP4s will require an i7.


          And, if you're upgrading your operating system, I'd definitely recommend you consider upgrading to version 11 of Premiere Elements also. It's one of the best builds -- combining the stability of version 7 with improved performance, particularly with hi-def and non-camcorder video.

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            Chiradeep Majumdar Adobe Employee

            Hi erickristinbrewer,


            See http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere-elements/tech-specs.html for the latest system (hardware/software) requirements for installing Adobe Premiere Elements.




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              A good rule of thumb is to take the recommended minimums from the software company and double them. But I still say you need even more power if you plan to edit AVCHD and MP4 hi-def.

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                whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                I've been using PrE10 for 1080p60 AVCHD on a Toshiba laptop for a year.  It has an i5, 8 gigs of ram, no graphics card and one slow HDD.  It worked. 


                I wanted a better and still portable video and photo editing machine.  Two weeks ago I upgraded to a ASUS "gamer" laptop with a bigger screen, an i7, graphics card, fast HDD, 16 gigs of ram, an SSD and BD burner.  PrE11 is installed.  I spent the weekend working on a couple videos with the new system.  Video editing is now more pleasant. 


                For the OP's questions, I think the three biggest factors in the new system are the "official" PrE 11 support of 1080p60, the i7 and the large memory.  I can't tell if the graphics card is making a difference or not.   The SSD seems to help, but I think the large ram is more importat.  That said, I'm experimenting with putting the project, with all the assets, in a single temporary work folder on the SSD.  To preserve space on the SSD, I move the project folder and contens to the HDD or an external HDD for storage when the project is complete.




                PS:  @ Steve Grisetti -- Thank you for the intro to 11 videos at Muvipix.  They got me over the interface tranistion. 

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                  erickristinbrewer Level 1

                  I have a Sony DCR-SR100.  It has widescreen standard def.  I definately would like to get an HD camcorder for my family memories.  Now that my youngest child is 6 years old, I realize how much awesomer those first videos would be in HD.  I hope any system speed ups that I gain with the new system won't be negated by changing to HD.  I truly find version 7 to be miserable to use on my current system (Vista, q6600 quad core processor with 4gb ram, 4850 video card. Thanks for the valuable advice (and to the others posters, too.)


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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I would recommend upgrading to version 11. You might also consider upgrading your OS to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 64-bit (how could you pass it up for a mere $49?). You'll get excellent performance with the 64-bit version on Windows 7 or 8.