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    Multi Site Manager - CQ not picking up language




      We have the following structure for our websites across our company:


      <Operational Company> / <Division> / <Region> / <Website Name> / en / <pagename>

      <Operational Company> / <Division> / <Region> / <Website Name> / fr / <pagename>

      <Operational Company> / <Division> / <Region> / <Website Name> / <...> / <pagename>


      Now, the region was chosen to be the Country of where the development team resides. In some cases this is UK and US. So we have some websites under this structure:


      <Operational Company> / <Division> / UK / <Website Name> / en / <pagename>

      <Operational Company> / <Division> / UK / <Website Name> / fr / <pagename>

      <Operational Company> / <Division> / UK / <Website Name> / <...> / <pagename>


      We've only adopted using multi-lanugages now. The problem we've encountered  is that for the UK structures, we cannot use the MSM to do a "language copy" as it detects the language not at the en/fr/... node, but higher up at the UK node which for CQ translates to Ukrainian language.


      So here is my question:

      Is there a way (node property?) that tells CQ not to use the UK node for the MSM tool? We want to be able to copy at this level:


      <Operational Company> / <Division> / UK / <Website Name> / en / <pagename>

      to this level

      <Operational Company> / <Division> / UK / <Website Name> / fr / <pagename>



      Any help greatly appreciated. There isn't much information available on the website. Unfortunately renaming UK to UnitedKingdom is not a preferred option as we already have a lot of websites that we would need to modify / retest / cutover / etc.