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    WebHelp topics open in new window - how to stop this?

    dwc3 Level 1

      I've recently upgraded from TCS1 to TCS4. I generate WebHelp output and have had no problems before the upgrade. Previously, opening context-sensitive help topics would open in the same browser window as the general help. That is, when a user selects Help>Contents, the entire help opens in a browser window. Then, when the user is on a specific page of the application and wants to see the help for that particular page, pressing F1 would open that particular help topic in the same browser window.


      Now, though, after the upgrade, whenever a user presses F1 the help first opens in a browser window. The security warning comes up, and after clicking "Allow", the help topic opens in a second browser window. The first browser window is still there, but blank.


      This is new behavior, since before the upgrade it wouldn't do that. The help topic would open in the same browser window. This is what I need to happen now, but don't know where this is accomplished. I've looked for an option in RoboHelp that would let me select between opening in one window or a separate window, but haven't found that.


      Is this something that needs to be added to the javascript? If so, where and how??

      Or is there another option that I haven't found yet that would keep it all in one browser window?