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    Newbie has some questions


      I've downloaded a FLA car racing games from this site:


      I'm a newbie in flash but I need to get a result as soon as possible and I
      advance quicker if I get an example to use.

      I've tried to read and understand the code, I've changed the image's car and
      now I'd like to go further.

      I can't get the car's physics params. I've seen I can change the angle of
      the car race every time I push left and right button, but where is the max
      speed, where is the car's physic ? I'd like to add some physics to the car,
      understand how it works. Could you please give the complete menu or procedure to follow to get those params and car's physics ?

      Also how to create a new map for this games as I'd like to create a bigger
      map and add a menu to select a few circuits further (that's not the answer I'm looking for, but if you hava a good tutorial, I thanks you in advance).

      Thanks for helping.