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    RH 10 issue with Fixed Column width


      Is anybody else having issues with setting a fix width for a column in a table?  In RH v.10 the "fixed widths" are not staying "fixed" as I have them manually set.


      I've recently been upgraded from Robohelp (html) v.8 to v.10. 


      In a "Design" view in v.8.0 when I set a column width from the right click menu (AutoFit > Fixed Column Width), the width of the column would be whatever width I'd set it to.  Now, in v.10, the width is whatever width the Robohelp window is set to!  For example, I have a large monitor and I've got Robohelp open in Full Screen mode, the table (a 1-cell table) gets set to the width of the window rather than the particular width I want to use!  I want the cell to be a particular width (much less than my monitor or the open window's width).  Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?




      Robohelp is installed locally (it is not being run over a network).





      P.S. So far this is the only issue I've had after upgrading from RH v.8 to RH v.10.