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    Re: Using the real thing in blockquotes

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      darrel wrote:
      >> I never heard of a pullquote before and I'm not even sure what it
      >> means. I'm sure native English speakers knows what it is. I know
      >> what a blockquote is :)
      > I guess the point is they are not interchangeable terms.
      > Pullquote = design style...taking a quote in an article and visually
      > pulling it out as it's own design element.
      > Blockquote = semantic html tag.
      > A blockquote isn't necessarily a pullquote. On the web, a pullquote
      > should probably be a blockquote.

      I guess what Kim says is what I said earlier.
      Non english speakers do not know about the word "pullquote" to begin with so
      the difference between the two terms is irrelevant to them.
      "pullquote" belongs to the english language while "blockquote" belongs to
      the HTM language. All web designers share the knowledge of the latter but
      not of the former.

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