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    Why does Photoshop CS5 crash when I try to use its 3D features?

    JesusWashedMySinAway Level 1

      The rest of the features do work perfectly fine.

      Only the 3D features don't.


      I'm working on a Macbook Pro Late 2008, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT and GeForce 9400M.

      The OS is 10.6.8, Photoshop is at version 12.0.4.

      The Apple Software Update doesn't show up any driver updates.


      I tried 32bit mode, deleting caches (with an app called Onyx), deleting the preferences file and disabling OpenGL (which won't work, because I can't use the 3D features then).


      I hope you can help me.

      By the way, the 3D features worked for some time a year ago, when I first installed Photoshop.


      Greetings ~ Phil