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    Video glitches after exporting




      I made a 90 min. video that plays without problems in the timeline. I exported it to a mp4 with the H.264 codec and the High Quality 720p preset. The resulting video played just fine. Then I exported it with the High Quality 1080p preset. This time the video was fine most of the time, but every 5-10 minutes the image suddenly "breaks" for a couple of seconds. It's a blocky, very pixelated glitch, quite similar to the datamoshing effect that has become popular in some videos. I tried changing the bitrate (higher and lower), I exported with 1 and 2-pass encoding, with Maximum depth and Maxim render quality both marked and unmarked... and the glitches keep showing up in different places in each export. I've tried playing the file with a few different players and in different computers and the result is the same. The 720p export is fine, but I can't get a 1080p that doesn't glitch.


      I have CS 5.5 on a pc with i7 3,4 GHz, 16 Gb RAM, Windows 7 64bits, a GeForce GTX 460 and plenty of disk space.


      Thank you.