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    Want to upgrade to Mountain Lion, but CS6 questions about Auto-Save need answers...




      I'm on Mountain Lion for all my "non-critical" work, but I'm still running the latest Snow Leopard on my main desktop machine, running CS6 Design & Web Premium. I've avoided the switch primarily because of the auto-save feature that Apple placed into ML. I haven't found a satisfactory answer anywhere on the web to this basic question...is auto-save a problem, as Apple implements it, with CS6 and working on images?


      In particular: 1. I work on very larger files, 4GB+ in size regularly, and I don't wan't the peformance hits associated with constant saving, 2. I make changes to images, downsizing them, croping, color corrections, etc. so that I can make jpg proofs for clients or myself. These are more "intermediary" images and not intended to be saved. I don't want to downsample an image, flatten it to creat a jpg for proof and have it overwrite the original image layered, high res by mistake. Does this happen with photoshop, or does Adobe avoid the auto-save that Apple uses?


      I have all the latest iOS gadgets and it's becoming quite cumbersome managing multiple sets of iCloud info, etc. without being on ML. I'd like to make the switch, but at the cost of losing work, etc. Can someone with experience on ML & CS6 give me any input in the matter? And, does this also apply to all the other Adobe apps in CS6? I'm constantly making minor changes and edits that I usually "undo" out of and don't want saved.