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    Batch processing audio for separate video clips?


      Hi there, new to the forums. I have roughly 100 separate video clips that either I have edited and exported out of PPro or collected from other outside sources. The video clips were recorded in a wide range of environments, producing widely varied audio levels and sound quality. The videos are for a blog.


      I am hoping to create a batch process preset in Premiere Pro or Audition to normalize the audio in all of the video clips. My goal is to have the audio play back at the same volume level in all of them without having to edit the audio individually in each clip. I have been searching the forums for a while for help with a batch process solution like this. Running CS6 so have full access to all Adobe apps.


      I have played around with running the clip audio through batch processing in Adobe Audition CS6. Haven't had any success thus far -- the audio doesn't save within the same video file it was pulled into Audition from. I really would like to normalize the audio without having to re-import/-re-export each separate video.


      PPro group might be the wrong place to start, but figured I would start here. Is there a missing manual out there for doing something that seems relatively simple?