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    IPTC reading and writing


      Does coldFusion really provide no way to write out IPTC data to image files? (that seems really short sighted)


      I've got an application that read IPTC tags fine using the built in CFIMAGE functions for reading the meta data.


      After an update on the designers Mac, Bridge no longer is writing the data to the images.

      (thanks adobe. thats real helpful)


      I'm able to use a NON adobe product to write the IPTC tags just fine, which coldFusion can read just fine.


      Is there a way to write/edit IPTC tags via coldFusion without having to purchase an aftermarket "image tag"?


      It seems like even a retarded monkey would have written functions to READ and WRITE iptc tags.


      Adobe .. please stop failing on basic functionality like this.