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    Scale Objects Proportionately to a Specific Height


      I have multiple icons placed in a document, from several different sources (all are vector objects) -- see the included image. They vary in size and what I would like to do is find a less onerous method of resizing all the heights to a specific size, while scaling the width proportionately. I have found several scripts that come close to a solution (see links below), but none that allow me to input a height (or width) in inches and have all the objects resize to that height proportionately.


      If someone could help me with this problem I'd send them all my leftover Halloween candy (mostly Starburst, Skittles, and one bag of Sour Patch Kids).


      Change Width to the Width of the narrowest object --> Script01

      Change Height to the Height of the shortest object -->  Script02

      Change Multiple Attributes (JohnWundes) --> Script03


      Thanks in advance.




      icon image (couldn't place via Adobe Forum) --> click