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    Help with logo


      transbackround 2.fw.png


      Can anyone help? I am new to web design and Fireworks. Currently I am working on a new website for a business. The above logo is the original image in JPG. I have made the backround transparent GIF to move it onto the back round. Unfortunately as you can see there is a white shadow that I am not able to get rid of. Does any one know how to fix this?

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          You need to do some more trimming around the edges. I reccomend using the polygon lassoo tool. Because some of the white pixels of the image have been removed, you need to repace them. Draw a vector star shape, fill it with white, and move it behind the badge. Group the star shape and the badge together. Add a 1 pixel stroke using the Photoshop live effect stroke. Place the stroke on the outside. Your choice as to whether you make it white or blue. Add an inner bevel if you wish, and a drop shadow. If you open the copy I've uploaded in FW, you'll see which settings I used.



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            Le0n0920 Level 1

            WOW, Thanks Linda I will try it out and get back if I have any isues. :-) :-)............