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    InDesign CS6: form field limit on a single page or document?


      I'm creating a HUGE interactive form in InDesign CS6. It's currently 8 pages. (I need to add one more page.) There are multiple form field types including buttons, text fields and radio buttons. A lot of it is hidden and will be triggered if a particular radio button is clicked on. Technically, the page I'm working on is one of my more complex pages in terms of number of fields and the hierarchical dependacy. (There are various "levels" of hidden form fields). However, it seems as though my last main set of hidden fields simply will not work as programmed in InD. I did various tests and it just looks like InD will not accept another form field. I'm not sure if it's a limit on just the # of fields on the page or in the document. This page alone has at least 130+ form fields.


      Any help would be MUCH appreciated since I cannot reduce the number of fields...


      Thanks so much,