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    Pissed off regarding: re-install using The Cleaner Tool - open letter

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      The is an open letter to the Adobe people who write the manuals and instructions for downloading and installing.


      I had to re-install AE because for some unknown reason Mocha quits upon opening.  Imagineer Systems could not find the problem.  When I had contacted adobe they suggest using the The Cleaner before re-installing.  The instructions on the f*cking cleaner tool  says to uninstall the Creative Suite product before using.  Having reported my problem to Adode that was specifically about Mocha and AfterEffect and being to by Adobe to use the Cleaner, I think it was fair to assume the Cleaner would Clean the Product that needed to uninstall.   


      I uninstalled After Effects and proceeded to use the The Cleaner, believing that I would be given the option of CLEANING After Effects, however non such option appeared and it cleaned the majority of the Creative suite applications, including all of the presets, scripts, templates etc...


      Would it be so difficult to for you blockhead programmer and softwear "experts" to write **** in plain english with accurate and complete descrisptions of what will and will not occur when choosing to proceed with an action.  You people forget that the majority of us do not have the familiarity with your product in the way that you do.  We install it and use it CREATIVELY.    If your product works as it is supposed to the installation process doesn't come that often.   We do not instinctively know where files are stored on the computer, what will be written over, erased, and what will be saved.


      Its a BIG HEADACHE to have to go back and look for all of the custom content, and their licenses and updates to reinstall in what has been erased.