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    can't create a hyperlink!!!  Help.

    indesigna Level 1

      I've been trying to create a simple hyperlink in my document about 30 times today, and nothing worked!  I did it once correctly, on another document, but lately, nothing.  I have to get this done, and I'm following Adobe's documentation, and I can't figure it out.


      with the text tool, I select the words in a paragraph I want to link to a url, let's just say I want to create a hyperlink to the words:  "I can't do it"


      I select them


      go into hyperlink under 'type' and get the hyperlink dialog box, and select new hyperlink


      In the dialog, I type 'URL' in the Link to --destination box.  Type in the new url in the empty name box with the http www. stuff, , click ok, and nothing.  No matter if I select URL(or shared destination, it doesn't matter, neither work)


      I even try to save it to a PDF file, to see if the link is there, and it isn't.  What am I doing wrong?  I've tried this with simple text, selecting a graphic, and nothing.  I am totally stumped.