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    Can't delete objects

    ckrizik Level 1

      InDesign 5.5

      Mac OS 10.7.4


      Suddenly, I can no longer delete objects (text boxes, picture boxes, rules)

      I can delete text when I'm inside a text box.

      The only way to get rid of an object is to "Cut" it. But that is a pain in the butt.


      Any thoughts?

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          May I assume you're using the Delete key? If so, and if you have a full keyboard, have you tried both delete keys? I have the wide delete key to the right of the += key, and I also have one between the main keys and the 10-key pad (below the Help key, which is below F14).


          Also, whether or not you have the full keyboard, have you tried using the Clear command from the Edit menu? It could be that the delete key has been remapped to something else. You could also try replacing your InDesign preferences.

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            ckrizik Level 1

            Michael, thanks! I had found the forward delete key but wanted my regular delete button back! Trashing the preferences file did the job.


            I have two keyboard walking kittens who have taught me more about the function keys and weird InDesign commands than any book could.


            I'm back business. Thanks!