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    Looping background animations

    jkosti Level 1

      Hello Everyone !

      I am new to flash catalyst.

      I have built a user interface for my application.


      What i want is to add animation in the background which plays continuously from start till end of application.

      Can i add animation from after effects or flash professional?

      But the main thing that i want is to play the animation endlessly in a loop.


      Any help would be appreciated. I am stuck here so a rapid response is urgently required.




      P.S. Any information about creating a "EXIT" button in catalyst also appreciated. The window should close after pressing the EXIT button.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          The best solution would be to create the animation in Flash Professional and add it to your Flash Catalyst project.


          Is the project going to be within a web page or a stand alone application? Each require a different solution.


          For the web page, you will need to use the Flex Javascipt bridge, to make a call to the javascript that you also have to add. This interaction is consider bad practice from a user experience point of view


          For the stand alone application, you will need to add some custom ActionScript to quit the application. This can be added by using Flash Builder 4.5. Note: version 4.6 and 4.7 do not support Flash Catalyst projects properly.


          Chris Griffith

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            jkosti Level 1



            Thanks for replying !


            I am building a standalone application.

            I tried importing the animation created in flash professional into flash catalyst.

            Flash catalyst has only one property, "On Application Start". There is nothing to play it endlessly.

            And i am not able to do even that. I did all the steps correctly (deselect all, on app start, add interaction, swf element, play()), but still the animation won't run when the application starts. I also ticked to repeat this animation forever, still nothing works.


            Hope you can solve this. Thanks again.


            Jagrut Kosti

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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              After you have created the looping animation in Flash Professional, import into your Flash Catalyst project.

              Then deselect the SWF asset, so you can add an "On Application Start" action.


              Then select Play Action Sequence. Now look in the Timeline panel, now select the SWF Asset. That will let you set an Action Sequence, that will trigger the playing of the Flash asset.




              I attached a sample FXP.

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                jkosti Level 1

                Hey Chris, Thanks !


                But the problem now is::


                My application has 7 states and almost 10 buttons. On click of a button, the state changes.

                Now, the SWF asset plays in the Home state i.e. the initial state that appears when the application loads.

                But when i click a button and transit to another state, the SWF asset appears but appears still, i.e. no animation.

                And i want that SWF asset to play in each and every state.


                Any help regarding this would be helpful.


                Thanks a lot again !


                Jagrut Kosti.

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                  Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                  The animation will play across states, you just need to make sure the asset is shared across states and not copied.



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                    jkosti Level 1

                    Hey Thanks Chris, Thanks a lot !

                    I got my problem solved.