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    One document, two PDF outputs with slightly different content?

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      I have a single indd document. From this document I produce two PDF files: one for screen use with active links etc, and one for professional print (with bleed so it can be cut exactly).


      The document is of a book that has an official ISBN number. But now the following happens. The screen version must have a different ISBN number than the print version. So, in a few places, I must have a different string of text and in one place a different image (bar code) deoending on if I create PDF Interactive or PDF Print output.


      That means, either maintaining two copies (a bore when changing things), or edit every time I want to produce a different output. Is there a way I can automate this? Say, that I can say 'make screen version' and the ISBN numbers and the barcode image is replaced and screen PDF produced and 'make print version' for the print version?


      Or am I now forced to turn my nice single indd document in two book projects with all the trouble with indexes, page numbering, etc. that that entails? I'd rather have some automated replace of a few text items and one image than transforming the indd to a book, because I am rather scared of all the referencing and other problems that extra layer of document complexity will bring me.