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    Error 1327. Invalid Drive




      Wondering if someone can help. I have spent hours trying to install Acrobat Reader on Windows 8 Release Preview Evaluation Copy Build 8400 with a network (NAS) connection and can't get it to work.


      This is the error I receive:


      Error 1327.Invalid Drive: Q:\ mapped to a user folder. The drive does not exist or could not be connected. You can either disconnect the drive or reassign the drive letter. For details refer http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404946.html


      The suggested link proposes some fixes, neither of which work. The CMD prompt solution makes no difference, the Microsoft Fix program doesn't run (incompatible operating system).


      I have disconnected all mapped Network drives, un-mapped Documents, Music, Photo and Video libraries for all 4 users on my PC and re-booted. As far as I can see, there is no Q drive... but still I get the error.


      If I go to CMD and try to find Q:/ it doesn't exist.


      What frustrates me the most is I have to download the software every time and wait 5 minutes before I know if it is going to work. I wish it could be downloaded to my desktop once and then it would be quicker trying it.


      I really am struggling to understand why this won't install, if anyone has any ideas, I would be glad to hear them but please - not too technical.