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    fckeditor and ie9


      We are using fckeditor as part of our cftextarea.  We were previously using tinymce and a normal html textarea but we needed to switch to a cftextarea in order to use the coldfusion ajax functionality.


      In ie8 we had no issues with fckeditor but since moving to ie9 we are having all sorts of issues.  I have added <cfheader name="X-UA-Compatible" value="IE=EmulateIE8" /> to my header file and this solves most issues.  However some staff are finding they can't click in to the text editor to type still - I am trying to identify why.


      I understand that you were hoping to use ckeditor in the latest version of Coldfusion but that this was not seen as a priority.  Surely it has to be a priority now it does not work properly in the most widely used browser??