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    Adobe ID login failure: Unknown Error


      I don't know where to get help on this so I'll try here. I have problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Wifi) and with the ebook readers in particular. I downloaded couple of ebook apps from Play store (former Android market) and tried to download some ebooks from the ebook stores. When trying to download the books I'm getting Adobe ID login error with an "Unknown Error" label on the application.


      I created this Adobe ID account with one of those apps so the problem is not that the program had failed to create the account for me and Adobe Reader seems to be able to log into the account without a problem. It appears that the problem lies somewhere around the DRM and device registrations. So relating to this I need to ask couple of question:


      1) Do I need to register my Galaxy Note 10.1 somehow before I'm allowed to access DRM books?

      2) If I do, how do I do that? I have registered the device with the Samsung, but apparently that does not cover this, right?

      3) How can I check if my tablet is registered with the DRM correctly?