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    I am member of creative cloud, so how to install Photoshop touch on iOS iPad 4 & not pay $9.99?


      I am a new member of the creative cloud and I have had no issues installing the creative cloud applications on my desktop (mac and PC), however my question regards installing the Photoshop touch app on the iOS iPad 4 device without having to pony up the $9.99 iTunes app fee.




      The above URL is the path that the Adobe website provides to download the app, and I can successfully access via iOS iPad 4. However it appears that I need to purchase the app for $9.99. It is not clear how I can use my yearly creative cloud membership to avoid paying the app fee.


      Please advise if I am not looking in the correct place, or if I need to login via my Adobe ID to bypass this iTunes cost.


      I could not locate an installation guideline on the Adobe website, so please advise.


      Ken R. of New Jersey.