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    Extension closed while processing when attached to the toolbar in Photoshop


      Hi, I come accross a strange problem.

      When my panel is attached to the toolbar and I run some operations, the panel close. I narrowed it down to  using activeDocument.colorSamplers, which opens info panel and close my panel in progress. I see in console that my extension is unloaded. It happens only when my panel is attached to the toobar, as soon as I tear it of ane leave it as a standalone window it's not closed.


      I was looking for a solution but any of the approaches I tried ddon't work


      1) Forbid closing - seems not possible as it it standard behaviour of panels attached to the toolbar that if other panel is opened the old one is closed

      2) Forbid attaching my panel to the toolbar - didn't find any way how to achieve it

      3) Reopen the panel - I couldn't find a way how to reopen the panel from inside the extension code. I tried CSXSInterface requestOpenExtension call which didn't work, presumably because I am opening the same extension as I am calling it from (eventhough the currentStateInfo.isLoaded is set to false)


      Do you have some suggestion how to solve my problem?


      With Regards