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    Tweening Imported Gimp Layers


      I have created a fairly long animation in Gimp as a .xcf file with each frame drawn on separate layers. I have imported these frames into Flash (recently purchased) using the Copy and Paste method. Here's my question: Is it possible to actually create a Tween between these frames? I have converted each frame into a symbol, added frames and created the Motion Tween. However, I'm not sure if this will accomplish anything other than to make two of each frame. I would like some input before pressing on, if you don't mind. The idea is to make the animation seem smoother. I was just hoping that, given the context, you could recommend the best course of action.

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          There's no tweening of objects that don't extend past a single frame. Every keyframe, the objects from the previous frame are completely destroyed and the objects on the next frame are created from scratch.


          If you simply wish to smooth out some animation you may consider exporting your animation as a movie while using video editing software to add in some frame blending. That can often soften animation frame to frame in various ways (pixel-based, onion skin, etc) but it depends on what software you have available to you.