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    ExternalInterface + Firefox problems

    Bart Vanhulle Level 1
      I have already mentionned this on the Flash Player forum but I was wondering if others experience the same.
      I'm working on a project that implements a Jabber chat client. The primary connection method is an XMLSocket. However, a FW disabling direct access can block that type of communication (even when one uses proxies) so we came up with a backup connection mechanism for when the socket fails, namely HTTP Binding.

      This uses JavaScript to send and retrieve information to/ from the Jabber server. I started work on this when Beta3 came out and it was working just fine until monday, when I decided to install the trial version of Flex2 and the final Flash player 9 version for both IE and FF while waiting for the official license pack I ordered last week.

      After testing with the 'final' product I noticed that the application under FF (and all the other browsers that don't use the ActiveX plugin for the player) started to show performance issues when connecting via http binding. First I thought it was because I was using the FlexAjaxBridge which is not up to date but after removing that one and implementing my own ExternalInterface approach I noticed the same behaviour.

      Basically, what happens is that when I call the JScript function for the 3rd time the Flex application freezes. After a while it recovers but next time I execute the function again it freezes again, but for a longer time. And so on until the application hangs for ever. What's weird is that if I type something in a text field it is send over to JS and it receives data, but the Flex application doesn't display it because of this (semi) freezing state. Probably doesn't make a lot of sense :)

      I tested this with Opera and I have the same behaviour there. With IE it works perfect as it did with Beta3.

      Now what's even more interesting is that at work we have a couple of Mac boxes. So I figured to test it on those and there it does work with FireFox! (not with Safari but that's because it doesn't support the Ajax stuff).

      Anyway, it's a bit annoying that something which worked just fine with Beta3 seems to fail now. I'm still trying to figure out what the best contact option is to bring this up with Adobe. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      p.s.: Any news on the Linux version of the Player? :)