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    Making an movieclip/jpeg 3D in AS2?




      I am making an flash advent callender, with 24 small "doors/wickets" in AS2...


      The callender is made of a big background-image, and the doors beeing movieclips containing sections of the image.. I guess, you know what I mean.. :)


      The thing is, that I want an 3D-effect" on the small images, when they open up after being activated.

      I'm aware that the build-in 3D engine does not support AS2. Further more, am I not able to animate a jpeg to look like it is in perspective... (I cant grap a single corner, and manipulate it, like plain vector-graphics...)


      My question is now, are there any other way to manipulate the jpeg's, so they looks like being in perspective/3D? :)


      Thank you so much..