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    Changing from Elements 5.0 to 9.0 question.


      I have used Elements 5.0 for several years and have lots of catalogs set up.  I want to install Elements 9.0 now.  Do I uninstall 5.0 first?  If so, will I lose the existing images in the catalogs?

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          Each version works independently from it’s own catalog database. You will need to leave PSE5 installed if you want to transfer all your tags etc across to PSE9. However if you wish to start over you can simply install PSE9 without converting your earlier version. You would probably benefit from having a single catalog utilizing the power of Elements for searching your entire collection of photos unless there are good reasons for having separate catalogs. Once you get PSE9 running to your complete satisfaction you can uninstall PSE5 at any time.


          But having multiple versions does not duplicate your images since the Organizer does not physically import anything. It simply links to your nominated files on your hard drive. For the same reason you won’t loose any images on your hard drive.



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