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    LInking/Ending COurses

    Ben_tgg Level 1
      I'm making a series of training with Breeze. Each Lesson is made up of three parts, a course, as assessed simulation and a Knowledge test. Is there a way I can link the three Breeze courses inside a curriculum folder?
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          I don't have an answer for you, but I do have a similar need. I have a pre-test, course, and post-test that I've set up in a curriculum. I don't want the post-test to be visible until the user has completed the course. I haven't been able to get the settings right -- currently, the pre-test is visible and can be completed, but then the course is not available to the user. Finally, when the course is completed, the post-test does not become visible (how I thought I had set it up).

          Like Ben, how do I get these to link properly? I heard there might be a bug with the Curriculum feature -- is there another way to do this? I want it to be easy for the user to access each part.

          Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can impart!

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            James the SciTrainer Level 1
            I don't know how to hide the post-test, but if the pre-test and the course are specified as pre-requisites, the post-test cannot be opened.