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    Why is Premiere CS5 only using 20% of my processor and 2g of ram on a 10g system when exporting?


      I have a six core processor which is capable of 3.5 ghz per core and ten gigs of ram on a Windows 7 64 bit system. I have all the constraints lifted which come by default in Windows off of my processor for it to be fully utilized (I've benchmarked and tested it running other programs). Until I'm able to upgrade my memory to 32 gigs, After Effects will only let me assign 5 cores at 1.5 ghz each to it. However I have found no settings for processor usage with Premiere. In the memory settings it says that 8 gigs are reserved for Premiere and yet when I export my media, my processor never jumps above 20% and my ram is shown only reaching around 2 gigs of usage. I recently discovered that Premiere is exporting through Media Encoder, yet I find no processor settings for that either. I am exporting video as 1280X720 using H.264


      Should Premiere be exporting this slow? Is there anyway to speed it up? A ten minute long video is taking around 2 hours or more.