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    Creating Sale Flyer in InDesign - export as PDF ( blurried  & file too big)

    liolee08 Level 1

      I'm creating sale flyers in InDesign CS5 and then exporting them as PDF file to publish on our website. Some of the art work is done in PS CS5 and saved as .gif, .jpg, or .png - depending on what I'm working with.


      Question 1: why is the art work (created in PS) on page 8 so blurried (even if I created it at 300 dpi) Here's the ad flyer: http://www.bfranklincrafts.com/AdNov12M.pdf


      Question 2: should I use something else to save the file as PDF? Using the export in InDesign keeps the file still pretty big. Or would you say that a file 4.2MB - 5MB is not too big for the web? I tried using Acrobat Pro but it reduces the quality so much when it optimizes it that it's not usable.


      Should I just use something else (other than InDesign and Photoshop) to do this type of file for the web?