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    Comp settings vs. Output Module settings


      Oh geez I hate to even ask this question:
      What the heck did I do? Maybe I'm losing it here...
      I've been rendering HD videos in H.264 for some time, but all of a sudden I'm getting "settings mismatch" in output module settings.
      And my animations are always 1920x1080
      Could somebody give me a refresher on selecting comp settings versus render settings? Please?
      If I know I'm going to use output module setting of H.264, what size should my original comp be?  Does comp setting have to be 1280x720? Cause I've been using 1920x1080.
      I've cycled thru just about every output module setting and every render is all grainy and unusable.
      Maybe I changed something somewhere and not aware of it?

      My Comp Settings:
      Preset: HDTV 1080 29.97
      width: 1920 px
      height: 1080 px

      What's got me stumped is the fact that the video/graphics look so crisp and clear while editing and previewing, but rendered video is all grainy and blurry.