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    How do I make selectable items in Edge Animate?


      Does anyone know how you can create selectable objects in Edge Animate?  For example, I have a list or array of objects on the Stage.  By clicking and dragging the mouse, I would like to highlight each object that falls within the bounds of my selection rectangle.  Are there any code samples that can help me achieve this?

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          jkuo1 Level 1

          So I'm guessing by the lack of responses that no one here has attempted or figured out how to do this?  It seems like it should be possible by using the selectable() function available in the jQuery API.  In fact, it looks I can even have the selection rectangle show up when I try dragging on a rectangle object that I have made selectable on the Stage.  However, I'm having difficulty figuring out how to make multiple symbol objects appear selected and deselected based on where I draw the selection rectangle.  If anyone with some Javascript/jQuery skills can give it a shot and share what they know, it would be really much appreciated!

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            TimJaramillo Level 4

            Hey jkuo1,


            I have not experimented with the selectable() function myself, but why don't you give it a shot, and when you get stuck, post your files and I'm sure one of the fine folks on the forum will take a look at your file to help you along.


            A good starting point would be to reference the jQuery drag examples on the forum (in terms of accessing the jQuery UI library needed for this functionality, etc).