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    best way to transform a jigsaw puzzle to landscape

    lschena Level 1



      I am trying to puppet warp a big square that looks like a complete jigsaw puzzle and warp it to a rolling hill landscape. What befuddles me is how to rotate the plane around its center? Another words, if I put a skewer into the middle of the plane or puzzle, and take the corner and rotate it around that axis or the in 3D talk it would be the y axis. Every place I put the axis poin and rotate the plane, it rotates in the z axis, or around like a clock. So, to clarify, if I could put my palm down onto teh center of this plane, and with the other hand, take the corner of this plane and spin it around a bit, how could I do this move in Photoshop?


      Do I just continue to warp it so it has that appearance, or can I rotate it as shown in my image?? I just want the perspective to be more like the puzzle is coming out of the lower right corner and extending out to the top left corner perspective. instead of cming from the bottom and out to background as it is here. Thank you.