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    Embed Existing PDF in WebHelp Header?

    Douglas_Campbell Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp 9 on Windows XP Pro 32-bit. We are in the process of migrating to RH from FM, and although this question relates to linking, I don't think it belongs in the FM Integration section since the crux of the question only pertains to RH functionality.


      Since we are linking FM files in RH, we already have the ability to generate PDFs in FM. Eventually, when we move to native authoring in RH, we want to create mapping files to produce PDFs on the fly from Help. However, in the interim, we are creating a PDF in FM and Help in RH with linked FM files. Our users are more accustomed to PDF print documentation, so we want to make the PDF available to them in Help as a resource to ease this transition.


      Essentially, we want to embed a copy of the PDF documentation with a link in the header of the Help system, so it appears on every page (near default search box, for example), and allows the users to turn to the PDF when needed. However, I see no option to embed such a link or icon in the Help system header.


      All of the documentation I can find related to print and PDFs in RH only covers generating PDFs in RH. That makes little sense at this juncturure, since the source files are in FM and can be made into PDFs there, not to mention that we don't have mapping done for PDFs in RH.


      Is there any way to take an existing PDF and embed it in all the pages of a Help system?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          When you say "WebHelp Header", are you referring to the main toolbar where you see TOC, Index, Glossary, Search and tabs or buttons like that?


          Assuming the answer to that is yes, then the solution is quite simple. Just add a button that opens a PDF. You might consider adding the PDF to the list of Baggage Files RoboHelp has.


          You add the button using the WebHelp Skin Editor.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Douglas_Campbell Level 1

            Dead on. Usually the forums mean I have an uber-complicated or unfixable problem, but the baggage files and skin editor did the trick.


            One additional piece of advice: you have to choose the new skin you created in the navigation section of WebHelp SSL and you also have to use the tick box in the toolbar section of the same page to select any new toolbar button you've created. Otherwise, you'll be frustrated as you seemingly generate your new skin with additions, but the changes don't appear in the compiled output.


            Thanks, Captiv8r.