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    RAM Preview framerate and sound issues

    3-1415 Level 1

      The same story as usual. A beginner who can't get the framerate right or the sound to play in the RAM Preview. Well then:


      Ae CS6.11.0.0378, I think

      Demo version

      7,9 g ram allocatable

      Win7 proffesional

      Only .avi and .mp4, can't tell much more than that

      All other common factors can think of vary between the layers, with no difference.


      Sound preview set to 10 minutes

      No mute-related settings activated

      Sound and volume checked for each individual layer

      I don't know what more to submit, there's probably a lot.



      It's quite simple. No sound in the RAM preview, and it keeps freezing, not responding when I start it,  and playing at random speeds. The sound does play in sound preview. The framerate is set to auto.


      That's about all I can think of. It probably needs a lot more detail required, but not anything I can think of.  Any help appreciated.