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    Master Audio Set To Mono. How To Export?


      Hey all, so I took footage with a Canon 7D with a mic. The mic records in mono in the left channel. Before I dropped it into Premiere, to get the sound to come out of both sides, I went into the project settings and changed the master audio to Mono. (This was one of the ways I found online, evidently it was the wrong way) Anyways, now I need to export it for Youtube and when I go to export as a Windows Media File, it says: "The source and output audio files are not compatible or a conversion does not exist"



      How do I export this now? I cannot modify the audio channels now as I'm done with editing and can only modify them if the clips are not being used in the timeline. I know now that this was the way to do it, but it's too late now.


      Any advice? Thanks!