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    After Effects CS6 lag and small freeze

    KHMedia Level 1

      Im working on CS6 and every time i make a small change like add a new text solid or modify their position AE just freezes for like 2 3 secs and then continues, i didnt have this problem before i initially got it


      its using 66% of the 12GB Ram


      Win 7 64bit

      CPU i5 650 3.20 ghz

      GPU GTX 550 ti 1GB

      Ram 12 GB 1333Mhz

      HDD x2 500 HDD 7200rpm


      yes i know that i could decrease the resolution ram preview quality all that stuff ive been using it for more than 3 years but youre wondering "well then you should know how to fix it" but i dont


      any solutions


      also ive disabled some of the recommended stuff in preferences