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    Cheapest way to increase storage performance for small projects

    AgrisCaurs Level 1


      i`m looking for a way to increase editing performance. I mostly use native DSLR footage combined with quicktime animation files from AE.


      I`m looking forward to add faster storage for my active projects

      my current computer specs are:

      Giga Byte GA-Z77-DS3H

      i7 3770

      32gb RAM

      GTX 285


      C: (128gb SSD)  OS, programs

      D: (1tb 7200HDD)  Media files, projects

      E: (500gb 7200HDD) for Media Cache

      F: (400gb 7200hdd) for other files, like music, photos, games




      As I`m working mostly on small projects I don`t need a lot of space for my active projects.

      Here`s what I don`t understand : Is it more important to have a fast HDD for Media files, Projects or for Previews, Meadia Cache.

      And what is improved by having separate drive for Exports? I usually organize my job, by exporting in Project`s subfolder. If separate exports drive just gives better rendering times, then I don`t need it.


      I`m ready to spend some money for 2x 1TB HDDs for RAID0 setup or 1 to 2 SSDs


      I`m more into buying SSD, becouse it`s less hassle than doing RAID0 which I have never done


      If it`s equally important to have a fast disk drive for Media Files, Projects  and Media Cache, previews then I`m gonna buy 2 SSD`s