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    HELP!? Audio appearing red in timeline even when reconnected

    Kintaro Studios



      I am having major issues on mulitipul edit stations with audio in Premiere Pro CS6.


      I am working on a music video and have several sequences with highlights of footage I wish to include in my edit.

      Yet, upon re-opening my project, I have encountered an issue where the audio files appear red and offline in my timeline and

      will not play back or reconnect.


      I have tried moving the media's location to force CS6 to prompt me to reconnect my media, yet I am still facing

      the same issue.


      The strange thing is that the audio is present in the source file, yet does not appear in the timeline. The video is connecting yet not the audio.


      I need a quick solution and would appreciate some help. I have tried the project file on different systems and am experiencing

      the same results.