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    Tonal Range Output not displaying


      Just recently upgraded to the CS6 and ran into something a bit odd in Premiere Pro. I'm trying to use the RGB Color Corrector on a clip to make a tonal adjust for secondary color correction. When I switch my output from Composite to Tonal the display remainds the same, furthermore if I leave the RGB Color Corrector in the effect stack and try to render the clip I get an error message.


      I'll be happy to provide any additional information but there are so many variables I thought I'd start with a simple request for help.




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I can't reproduce this.  Seems to be working fine on my end.  Do other effects work OK?

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            sweileman7 Level 1



            Thanks for taking the time to help...here's the weird thing, after further testing it seems just to be within this 'project'. At first I was suspicious that it was a particular type of clip. The piece I'm editing was shot with 6 different cameras and format's, but it seems to be universal through all of the clips. However, I can open these same clips in a new project and use the 3-way tonal range output.


            But, to answer your question, all the other effects seem to work fine in the original project. I have had the project 'shut down' a couple of times and restart with new versions. Is there a way I can check the integrity of the project and 'clean it up' if necessary. What are your thoughts?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Sounds like something just got wonky with that one project.  It happens.


              Maybe try importing the sequences into a new project.  You may get lucky and keep all your work without bringing over whatever went wrong.