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    How to improve performance

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      On my main editing rig, I would like to ask, if any of you guys would see a way to further improve perfomance; I mainly edit Canon XF and from time to time a litle AVCHD / DSLR mixed with stills etc.


      My current system is:


      i7-3930k CPU (not OC)

      32 GB RAM

      GTX 570

      128 GB Systemdisk, Corsair Pro

      2 x 600 GB WD Raptor (media and render)

      1 x removeable 1.5 TB WD (media)

      1 x 500 GB WD RE4 (different stills, audio, PS files etc.)

      1 x PNY 240 GB SSD (media cache and preview)


      Reading another thread, I was thinking of upgrading to GTX 670 or 680, but not sure if it's worth the extra money.


      Harm, I see you have the GTX680 in your new "monster" - do you think it's worth an upgrade?


      I could also make the 2 600 GB WD raptor discs to a raid 0 and buy 2 1TB raptor or blacks more and make another raid for source media and use the 2x600 for render.


      Thanks for any input.