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    Computer and maplist configuration




      I work in an video/motiongraphics company, it's a small one and currently I'm reshifting and reorganising things. Since were getting a few new systems and the fact that I'm in an endless discussing with my supervisor about maplist configuration I thought I'd ask here.


      My supervisor is convinced that you shouldn't put your project (ae, premiere, encore, etc) on the same HD as your footage.

      For instance, HD 1 is the projects HD this HD only contains the .prproj, auto save and preview files (HD1/ProjectTitle_project/...). The footage for the same project is stored on a seperate HD (HD2/ProjectTitle_footage/...). The render files are on a third HD (HD3/Scratch/...)


      My sollution (since it's more compatible with transferring projects from one editing set to another) is a PROJECT HD with the .prproj files and all the footage, audio, etc in one folder with individual subfolders (PROJECTS/2012_11 ProjectTitle/...) and the render files on a separate HD (SCRATCH/RENDER/...).


      The new system is configured like this (at least this is what i think is best)


      MAC HD (system drive, only program's and such)

      PROJECTS (This is the map where all the projects are based)

      SCRATCH (Two partitions, 500 gb for stockfootage, soundeffects, etc., 1,5 tb for rendering etc.)

      FINISHED (running projects that shouldn't be transferred completely to the backup disk)


      All suggestions for maplist configuration and disk configuration are VERY WELCOME!


      Thanks in advance.



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