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    Why do Coldfusion structure key cases change depending on declaration style?

    PeteComcar Level 1
      In this simple component (test.cfc):


      component {


           VARIABLES.obj = {};

           VARIABLES.obj.foo = "bar";

           VARIABLES.obj['foo2'] = "bart";


          remote function func1() {

              return VARIABLES.obj;



      The response from the URL “/test.cfc?method=func1&returnformat=json” looks like this:

      • foo2: "bart",

      • FOO: "bar"



      Note that if you declare the property of a structure with dot notation, it is returned in uppercase. Using array like declarations returns it as you specified.


      This is still apparent when dumping a structure in a page, but is more of a problem when accessing the results via JSON in a Javascript appliation, as this is case sensitive.